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Waterproof and High Heat Bibles!

Tyndale House Publishers had the insight years ago to produce the Operation Worship® military Bible with a waterproof cover and High Heat Glue. These two features are important because, in many areas of battle, temperatures are intense and the glue has a tendency to...

Packing Party

In March of 2018 Operation Worship® held a packing event (called a packing party here), where dozens of volunteers, made up of veterans and community members, came out to show support for their United States Military. At Bible packing events, we sort...

Operation Worship is on Amazon Smile

Did you know that Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase amount for everything you regularly buy at Amazon to Operation Worship? This is an easy way, maybe for those who are unable to make a financial contribution, to let Amazon do it on your...

The Stories Behind Each Insignia

97th Military Police Battalion “Guardians”

On order, the 97th Military Police Battalion deploys worldwide to conduct Military Police operations in support of Forces Command.  The battalion also conducts continuous Law and Order operations in support of the Fort Riley military community.

Tell Us Your Story

Will you share with us how Operation Worship has impacted your life? We love hearing from soldiers, chaplains, volunteers, and others who have purchased Operation Worship Bibles. Now you can inspire others through your testimony and help us to get the word out. Thank you for your contributions. We are so thankful for you!

Donate Online to Operation Worship

You can make a difference in so many lives, instantly. Operation Worship’s mission is carried out with great passion, purpose, and blesses many with a single act of kindness via two major conduits. Whether it be through the Operation Worship Bible Program or by bringing Christian Music to the Military, you can be certain that your donations will be maximized to the greatest extent possible. All donations are tax-deductible and no salaries are taken. 100% of your donation goes back into furthering God’s kingdom and spreading God’s Love to our US Military. Help us say “Thank You”, “We Love You”, and “God is with you” to a soldier. Together, we can accomplish more. Click the button below to donate today!