It has been an amazing ride over the years, sending over 700,000 Bibles to the Military. What started out as a commitment to send a few Bibles to our amazing Chaplains in the Army has turned out to be a worldwide ministry. We have had amazing financial support from many people who have assisted us with financing, signing Bibles, sorting and packing pallets of Bibles and assisting with shipping.

It is more than humbling to look back and just Thank our wonderful God for His provision in every respect. We have had Schools like Christian Central Academy in New York who put it all out there and raised substantial funding to ship Bibles! I visited those students and was amazed at their dedication to this incredible worthwhile ministry.

God has given us new resources to make our organization much more streamlined with the ability to distribute many more Bibles and to get them where they need to go much more efficiently. We will soon be contacting thousands of churches and individuals to help us expand our reach and partner with us.  If your church or other organization would like to partner directly with Operation Worship, please contact Jeff Hilliard at I will be outlining these changes over the next few weeks and sharing the details on our WEBsite and through social networking. Blessings to all of you and thank you for your incredible support!