Last night, I was driving the grandkids back from our house and there was a small scuffle in the seat behind me. Our 4 year old, almost 5 year old granddaughter was talking with her 8 year old brother and a small shouting match ensued. Hearing what was being said, instead of stopping it all, I listened to see how it would all turn out. The 8 year old grandson was trying to tell his younger sister that she would not be smart like he is until she gets older. This really infuriated the younger one because she insisted that she was already smart. “Wait a minute” she said. “I know who God is, and I know who I am… That makes me smart!”.

I was so proud of her as she proclaimed who she was and declared who she knew. God is the author of this world, and no matter who calls you out, not matter what somebody else says about who you are, if you really know who God is, you are in good shape. And her response stopped her big brother. He really didn’t have much else to say.

It is amazingly wonderful to be blessed like this by your own grandkids. And I know where some of that knowledge of God came from. Every time these kids are at our house, they hear about God. Their Grandma is a fountain of amazing wisdom and she knows who God is intimately. And she knows how important it is to tell this generation who God is! It is something that kids these days need to know, information that will save their little lives now, and forever. I am a blessed man for sure and God gave me the perfect partner for life!!